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Engage Your Team

Viewpath facilitates team-based collaboration to improve decision-making, streamline coordination and improve efficiency. Our integration with Salesforce and ServiceMax improves communication between project managers, schedulers and field personnel, ensuring project schedules stay on track and delays are minimized.
  • Capture demand requests in a single intuitive, collaborative system of record, allowing your team to focus on priorities.
  • Empower your teams to work faster and smarter across a variety of projects, tasks and goals to deliver a higher quality of services.
  • Get everyone connected with the same real-time visualization of project data and resource allocation and capabilities.
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Simplicity of Integration

Understanding the complete breadth of projects and project portfolios in your enterprise is a big enough challenge. Add data dispersed across departments, systems, and individual desktops, and you have one of the most common and vexing challenges organizations face as they seek to transcend the data silos which drag down user productivity, process efficiency, customer satisfaction, and ultimately, the bottom line.

As the leader in cloud-based project management and capacity planning solutions, Viewpath has helped thousands of customers reduce the risk and cost of integration with 3rd party web services such as Salesforce and ServiceMax, so businesses can take full advantage of existing IT investments, at minimal effort and expense.

Viewpath is a great software tool to easily discern the project team’s progress.
IMPROVE VISIBILITY with Viewpath Capacity Planning


Centralize Capacity Planning

With disparate tools, it can be quite the challenge to understand the complete full scope of the projects you and your team collaborate on. Add in tracking resources, skill sets, availability, disparate tools, and outdated legacy systems, and you're probably struggling seeing capacity planning issues, not to mention being able to share the project information with stakeholders.

Viewpath puts all of your project and resource information in one centralized system, meaning capacity planning conflicts become apparent to project and resource managers, and you can eliminate unexpected delays or unforeseen resource limitations. The result: greater visibility into resource demand, and working at capacity means maximized resource use.

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Streamline Your Process

Organizations have hundreds – even thousands – of projects underway at any given time. Crossing normal business hierarchies and chains of command, these projects present an organization-wide management challenge. Viewpath helps meet that challenge head-on.

Viewpath is ideal for organizations (both large and small) who need to manage multiple projects and support multi-user access. Providing multi-user and multi-project functionality, it offers scheduling and resource control capabilities and support for multi-tiered project hierarchies, resource scheduling, data capture and customizable views.

 Viewpath gives our diverse  international team the ability to see critical project information required for success.
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