Clear visibility on your project team's progress

Features making it easy to keep everyone on the same page.
Viewpath is the result of several years of development, based on a deep understanding of the challenges of project management and capacity planning. Our cloud-based platform gives you the ability to visually see how projects and resources are scheduled, provides visibility to potential conflicts before they occur so they can be quickly resolved, and streamlines your capacity planning and project management processes.
Calendar for Viewpath Project Management


Organizations of all sizes are under intense pressure to improve the speed, accuracy, and agility of their project management and capacity planning processes, while also balancing the related risks and costs of these endeavors.

Viewpath is a feature rich solution, offering a powerful yet easy to use project and resource management toolset that is simple to deploy, instantly scalable, and has “anytime-anywhere” availability.

CORE FEATURES Portfolio Management
Interactive Dashboards
Sensitivity Analyses
Baseline Variance Management
Cost Tracking
Control Access/Visibility
Container Ships - Capacity Planning  Project Management Software


Supporting both top-down and bottom-up resource staffing processes, Viewpath makes it easy for project and resource managers to communicate requirements and decisions throughout a project’s lifecycle, giving you greater visibility into resource demand and capacity planning.

By providing a graphical analysis of resource and role utilization, Viewpath helps project teams maximize resources in a dynamic environment. This allows managers to see where resources are being used across all programs and projects, as well as their forecasted future use. Viewpath’s centralized system shows resource conflicts to project and resource managers, eliminating unexpected delays or unforeseen resource limitations.

CORE FEATURES Predictive Resource Allocation
Visually Interactive Resource Charts
Individual and Team Views
Cross-Project Allocation
Weighted Planning
Row houses - Project Templates by Viewpath


Regardless of the size of your organization, standardization across projects is a critical. Viewpath makes it possible to automate the creation of new projects using customizable templates. Once the core of each project is built, you can customize the project with its specific needs, enabling your team to quickly and consistently create new projects.

Increase productivity and execute faster across distributed teams.

CORE FEATURES Unlimited Templates
Project Standardization
Simplify Project Creation
Consistency in Project Data


Integrations are key

Viewpath connects to essential business tools to act as your central project hub.

Puzzle pieces of project integrations


Getting work done can involve multiple tools. To accommodate this, Viewpath integrates with popular business systems and cloud applications to enable secure collaboration and data sharing across enterprise business processes.

Whether it’s accessing field service work orders, or integrating with CRM solutions, Viewpath allows you to supercharge your organizational productivity with partner-built solutions

Share knowledge across the organization to more quickly resolve issues and capture project information across the different platforms your different teams need to use.

ServiceMax Salesforce and Google -Viewpath integrations


CORE FEATURES Integration with ServiceMax Work Orders
Seamless Visibility
CORE FEATURES Embed Viewpath project data to Accounts,
Opportunities and Custom Objects
Create and update projects without leaving
Viewpath is a stand-alone app, which means
your customers and third party vendors can
also collaborate independent of Salesforce
CORE FEATURES Import Google Contacts
Export projects to Google Calendar
Interface translated to 15 languages

Frequently Asked Questions

Upgrading is easy. Go to your My Tasks page and choose “Upgrade Subscription” in the upper right corner. This will take you to our Billing Account creation wizard, and will also be where you manage your billing account to add or remove members at any time.
As a part of the sign up process, we ask for some basic information, including your name and email address. We will never ask for your credit card details until you are ready to upgrade to a paid account. Try Viewpath with no obligation to purchase.
At the end of your trial, we automatically switch your account to our free Collaborator Edition. You can continue to collaborate with other Viewpath users on their projects, and update your task statuses. If you choose to upgrade, your project data will remain intact for 90 days after the downgrade, and you can upgrade to resume managing your own projects.
Viewpath accepts all major credit cards (American Express, Visa and MasterCard). For annual subscriptions exceeding 25 seat licenses, we can issue an invoice payable by bank transfer or check. Please contact us to arrange an invoice purchase. All monthly subscriptions must be paid for by credit card.
Absolutely! Upgrade any time right from your Viewpath account. Visit our Feature Comparison for more information about specific plans.
We recommend every member of the team using Viewpath who needs the ability to edit project details, or to report across projects, have a valid Viewpath seat license. Those users who have minimal collaboration needs (i.e. updating the %Complete of their assigned tasks) can use our free Collaborator Edition. Users requiring advanced functionality (i.e. capacity planning, Snapshots, etc.) or the ability to create their own projects, will need to have an appropriate paid account (Starter, Team, Pro or Enterprise). See the Feature Comparison page for product details.
No. There is no restriction on the number of collaborative teams or projects one can create or be invited to join. A user may use a single login (email address and password) to securely access any number of projects with varying teams.
Enterprise and Professional Edition users can create an unlimited number of projects. Team Edition users can have up to 15 active projects, and Starter Edition users can have up to three active projects.
Viewpath offers a number of discount options based on volume. We also offer discounts to non-profit organizations. For more information, contact us at Email us at
No. Viewpath is a complete cloud-based solution offering access to user’s project and resource management plans on any web-connected device.
We listen to our users and welcome their feedback. So, if there’s something you want included in Viewpath, please visit our user feedback forum and let us know the details of the feature you're looking for.
There is no expiration to your Free Collaborator Edition account. You can also change edition levels between free and paid to adjust to your needs.