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Google Customer Quotes

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About time!

Finally! A simple solution that allows us to collaborate with our internal and remote employees. We are spending more time being productive and less time chasing people down to find out what progress they have made on their assignments.

And it's nice to find a company that doesn't try to gouge you at every opportunity. Not only is the price right but we aren't required to have paid licenses for all our users.

Great job Viewpath!

by Terrance Williams
October 17, 2013

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Simplicity with CRM Integration -- by White Tiger Real Estate Development Team

After evaluating several online project management services, I found a range of them to be too complex and not user friendly with a steep learning curve. Criterias I needed for my company was responsive and quick customer service and response, integration with Salesforce (yet it can be a stand alone product), usability with team mates that are on different platforms and technology level and communication systems. Along with reasonable custom pricing and scalability, simplicity and easy tracking. After much evaluation, I found the response time with both email and phone with Viewpath (John Shores) and professionalism is very good. I am a very particular type of person that likes consistent and solid performance both in product and service. I found so far that Viewpath will fit my company and teams needs. As long as their product and service remains consistent, I will continue to use Viewpath ---- Jennifer Sha Chan, President and Founder, White Tiger Real Estate Development Team, San Francisco, CA.

by White Tiger
October 10, 2013

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Fits me to a tee

My projects aren't highly complex, but do require good communication among all who are involved. What impressed me is the short ramp up time required for our new users to get up to speed. Everyone in our group has been pleased. Steven might want to check for some of the browser malware that has been circulating.

by Michael Segall
October 09, 2013

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A Great Project Management Collaboration with great Support.

Viewpath is a great project management tool that has a very easy learning curve. I highly recommend its use for individuals and teams collaborating on projects.

The support is excellent and available to us when needed. They truly believe in their product/Service!

by Paul Hundredmark
April 23, 2013

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Well thought through, well executed, and very responsive customer support

I must have tried 20 project management software options, ranging from free to massive, in a professional environment, and I've consistently found that this has worked the best.
- It's easy to add and edit projects, even where the projects themselves are complex.
- Team members like being able to see what they have assigned to them.
- Time tracking is simple and flexible.
- Resource leveling is intelligently thought through, and provides a realistic picture of where the pressure points are.
- Customer support have been absolutely excellent.

by Peter
April 23, 2013

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It works!

Nuff said.

by Ken Wyman
December 13, 2012

5  star(s)

The missing link in our Google Apps environment

In our almost desperate search for a project management tool we finally found Viewpath which fullfills our needs best. Project planning is super. The combination with collaborating with our colleagues plus integration with Google Apps we did not find on this high level in all other products we tried.

by Fabian Hoogland
August 02, 2012