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How to Make Project Management a Learned Skill and Behavior

Your IT project team might be the most powerful PM tool of all. Read experts' advice about how to get the most out of those team members...

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PPM Roundtable

Project portfolio management platforms are becoming a catalyst for wholesale process change across multiple industries. PPM breaks down the walls between the back office, executives, customers and project teams, bringing in input from across the enterprise to achieve project and delivery success. Here,...

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Online Project Management Software – a Blessing or a Curse?

There's an ocean of online & subscription based software out there trying to hook your attention. While newer companies and products bear the risk of disappearing into the murky waters of the ever-changing tech tides, the tried and true options seem almost menacing, as potential users (you and me,) grapple...

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Manage IT Project and Your SMB Using Viewpath

If your SMB is looking for a SaaS-based project management solution, find out why you should consider trying Viewpath...

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Viewpath – An Interactive Solution to Resource Allocation

Viewpath is a powerful project management tool which goes beyond traditional project management tools and focuses on the pain on which almost everyone, even the most experienced project managers, experiences – resource management and resource allocation...

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Local Rivals Chase After Microsoft

Seattle firms make mark in growing project management software sector.

As the business world focuses on Microsoft's launch of Windows 8, a crop of small Seattle-area companies are giving Microsoft a run for its money ...

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Viewpath Online Project Management Software

Viewpath online project management solution was developed in 2003 by seasoned project management specialists. The ultimate objective of Viewpath is to provide anywhere-access to projects and dramatically simplify the day-to-day management of projects and events...

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From Brides to Business Professionals: Viewpath Makes Online Project Planning Solutions Available to Everyone

People's lives today are connected to projects of all sizes— from the small business owner launching a new product, to marketers developing a community website or newsletter, to the to-do list of a couple planning their wedding...

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Online Project Management Tricks

The term "Project Management" usually brings pained looks to business people because they associate it with Microsoft Project. The tool may make their lives easier, but the software costs hundreds of dollars per user, and worse, the desktop-centric management application of yesterday doesn't fit well...

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Viewpath provides Online Project Planning Solutions for Everyday Tasks

I recently spoke with the Dean Carlson, the CEO and founder of Viewpath, an on-demand, visually oriented project management tool. Dean said that today people’s lives are connected to projects of all sizes — from the small business owner launching a new product, to marketers developing a community website...

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Interview with Dean Carlson

Microsoft Project tends to dominate the market in large organizations. What type of company uses Viewpath and are you seeing ‘traditional’ users of MSP make the switch?

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Options to Office

Microsoft Project remains the de facto leader in desktop project management software, but several alternative solutions are winning over fans, emphasizing their flexible, user-friendly features for planning, estimating, executing and collaborating. Here is a closer look at three such offerings: Clarizen,...

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Viewpath - Review

ViewPath is an on-demand program that allows for users to comfortably and easily manage their projects. ViewPath allows project managers to simplify complex schedule demands. This program is visually oriented and makes entering tasks into it's interface simple...

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