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All the fundamentals
Basic scheduling and organizing tool for individuals.
Work together better with your growing team
$ 13 50 per user per month*
*Billed annually or $15 month-to-month
Starter plus:
Powerful features such as cross-project resource allocation and reporting give project managers the ability to stay on top of multiple deliverables of any size.
Give your team tools designed for powerful project management
$ 22 50 per user per month*
*Billed annually or $25 month-to-month
Team plus:
Filtering, custom labels, private branding, critical path, snapshots and other advanced tools give you the details you need in a simple-to-use interface.
Flexibility that scales
$ 32 55 per user per month*
*Billed annually or $35 month-to-month
Professional plus:
Unlimited snapshots and project resources, both free and paid, Premier Support, and special pricing options make this best choice for large organizations.
Salesforce Add-On
Salesforce insights
Visibility to your project data from within Salesforce
$ 22 50 per user per month*
FREE! Free for a limited time
(with a license purchase)
Deep integration gives project visibility in Salesforce, leveraging data into dashboards and reporting tools. Create and update projects and view your Viewpath task data from within Salesforce.
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No Min
Min. 3 Seats
Min. 3 Seats
Min. 5 Seats
Self-service Help Center & Community
Starter Edition has access to online support tools, such as the Help Center and Community, as well as email technical support. Team, Professional and Enterprise Editions also have access to phone support and are given priority.
Social Media
Contact us via LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook
Email Support
Starter Edition has access to online support tools, such as the Help Center and Community, as well as email technical support. Team, Professional and Enterprise Editions also have access to phone support and are given priority.
Phone Support
Starter Edition has access to online support tools, such as the Help Center and Community, as well as email technical support. Team, Professional and Enterprise Editions also have access to phone support and are given priority.
Launch Guidance Program (first 60 days)
Start off your Enterprise plan experience with help from our customer success team who will guide you through Viewpath best practices.
Priority Support (SLA & SLO)
Receive a one hour Service Level Objective from our global support team and 99.9% uptime Service Level Agreement.
Success Services
Work with our success team experts on a custom engagement, including programs to help adoption of Viewpath, optimization of templates and on-site training.
Knowledge Base
Community forums
Start a community discussion to gather feedback and ideas, and help customers help one another.
Installation from the AppExchange
30-day Free Trial
Give visibility to your Viewpath project data inside Salesforce.
Task data is native to Salesforce
Workflows and automations can be used on your Viewpath task and project data.
Pull Viewpath project data into your Salesforce Reports
Bring your Viewpath task data into existing reports, or create new ones.
Viewpath tasks displayed on the Salesforce Home tab
A component allows you to make each person's Viewpath tasks visible on their individual Salesforce Home tab. Update right from there!
Quick and Easy User Interface
Manage activities with time-saving features such as inline editing, drag/drop column reordering, field sorting, copy and paste, and right-click menus to add or remove columns.
Unlimited Projects and Tasks with Multiple Dependencies
With no project limits, add any number of links to task dependencies and choose from different types of linking relationships such as Finish-to-Start, Start-to-Start, and Finish-to-Finish.
Task Sharing
Both Starter and paid editions can share tasks from a project with an unlimited number of Guest resources, across an unlimited number of projects. Guest resources can easily update the status of their assigned tasks on their secure "Today" page.
Project Templates
Save time when creating new projects with pre-defined templates. Templates can include both task and resource data.
Multi-Project Portfolio Management
Create any number of projects and view a high-level dashboard with important milestones.
Documents and Discussion Threads
Upload documents from your computer on a paid editions, or attach links to external docs (e.g. Google Drive), or add Discussion Threads to any task row.
Project Hours & Holidays
No Holidays
Define business hours for your Viewpath project.
Exclude Holidays
Add Holidays to your project schedule. Specified holidays are automatically excluded when tasks are scheduled.
Set Individual Permissions on a Per Project Basis
Grant secure access rights for any resource to View or Edit a project, or simply assign tasks without project visibility.
Unlimited Guest Resources
Invite any number of Guests to participate in projects. Guests cannot view the entire project, but can update assigned tasks on their Today page.
Free Observers
2 per project
5 per project
Invite any number of Observers to view (but not edit) projects. Observers can also add discussion comments and update progress on their assigned tasks.
Email Notifications
Send notification emails to assigned users with your own custom message. This is a great tool to generate reminders and allows you to cc yourself on communications.
Private Branding
Add custom Branding to your projects, allowing you to feature either your own or a customer's company logo on your Project.
Get an instant snapshot of your Viewpath projects with a Timeline dashboard that displays high level project data, including Start/Finish, %Complete and Milestones.
PDF Printing
Create an Acrobat Reader (PDF) output of projects and reports.
This Agile tool gives you and your team the ability to easily focus on a group of tasks for a specific time frame, e.g. 2 weeks. You can measure Sprint progress with a Burn-down chart attached to the Sprint.
Interactive Resource Allocation Charts
Optimize daily work plans with drag-and-drop resource-utilization views.
Cross-Project Resource Allocation
Quickly view availability of assigned resources acress multiple projects.
Cost Tracking on Each Task Row
Track cost summaries on Labor, Material, and Other Costs. Viewing rights on cost fields are set on a per user, per project basis.
Capture planned v. actual data on each task and summary roll-up level.
Google Calendar Synchronization
Sync tasks or milestones to a dedicated Google Calendar which can be shared with others.
Graphical Time Sheets
The ability to log Time Sheet entries in a new graphical format which is intuitive and easy-to-use. View and edit time data incrementally or cumulatively on an adjustable timeframe.
Date Constraints
Set constraints (e.g. Must Start On, Must Finish On, etc.) on any tasks. Constraints are also visually represented on the Gantt chart.
Bill Rate
Specify an hourly rate for any Resource on a project and Viewpath will automatically calculate Labor Cost based on Work hours for each task.
Critical Path
Tasks part of the critical path are identified on the Gantt chart for easy visibility.
Publish a Snapshot
Generate a unique URL for your project which you can publish to a website or send out as a link to people to whom you want to give visibility. You can also use Snapshots to create a project history to show changes over time. The page is interactive, but not editable, and allows them to zoom on the Gantt, sort columns and add a modified list of columns.
Restrict Tasks and Columns from Snapshots
This columns allows you to hide selected tasks when you Publish a Snapshot. Focus on just the high level tasks, or show your customer a select portion of the project.
Custom column data to help you group your task data into buckets.
Custom column data to help you group your task data into buckets.
Personal Cross-Project To-Do List
Let each resource organize and prioritize daily tasks on their secure Today page.
Gantt Charts with Drag-and-Drop Scheduling
Build comprehensive Gantt Charts with feature options such as milestones, duration buffers, and color-coded status indicators.
Fast Undo or Redo Functionality
Make worry-free edits with multi-step Undo/Redo options.
Keyboard Commands
Keyboard commands allow users to quickly access functionality.
Custom Views
Customize your project views to your preferences, without affecting anyone else's view of the project.
Miscellaneous To Do Items
Create tasks on the Today page not related to any specific project, but you want to capture as an action item.
Preferred Date Format
Each user can apply a preferred date format to their schedules, visible across all projects and reports, without affecting anyone else's view.
Project Import/Export
Choose from several import/export options such as MS Project file format or CSV file format.
Overview Timeline dashboard
Get a quick view summary of your projects on a calendar view, including high level milestones.
Customizable Reports
Generate custom Reports across multiple projects with any combination of user-defined selection criteria (filters) and accumulative column sorting.
Burn-Down Project View
Agile users can view their overall project status in a Burn-down chart.
Group Views
Create Portfolios and Programs to group your projects into buckets.
Status View
Provides a graphical display of the overall % complete as well as if the project is ahead of schedule, on time, or behind schedule.
Graphical reporting within each project, as well as a spot to capture project information not task-specific.
Translated agent interface (15 languages)
Users can work in their preferred language, with a localized user interface, including: English, Chinese, French, German, Hindi, Indonesian, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, and Thai. Project tasks remain in the language in which they were created.
SSL encryption
SSL encryption for users and customers connecting to your Viewpath.
Single sign-on (SSO)
Provide SSO integratio. Viewpath SSO relies on a technology called JSON Web Token (JWT) or SAML for securing the exchange of user authentication data.
Project access restriction
Only allow access to those resources you grant project visibility to. This can change from project-to-project depending on the resource's visibility needs.
Custom roles and permissions
Specify granular permissions for resources, and control what they have access to in Viewpath.