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Unlimited projects. Unlimited tasks. Unlimited resources.

Choose the best plan for your collaboration needs.


Basic scheduling and organizing tool for individuals or project managers with a small team of collaborators.


Powerful features such as cross-project resource allocation and reporting give project managers the ability to stay on top of multiple deliverables of any size. Good for teams of 3+.


Functionality specifically designed for powerful project management. Filtering, custom labels, private branding, critical path, snapshots and other advanced tools give you the details you need in a simple-to-use interface.


Unlimited snapshots and project resources, both free and paid, Premier Support, and special pricing options make this the best choice for large organizations. Professional and Enterprise are good for teams of 5+.

For a limited time, get FREE Salesforce Add-Ons with your Viewpath license purchases!

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Salesforce Integration Add-ons

Salesforce Basics

Enable your Salesforce users to update task completion from the Viewpath component added to your Salesforce Home page. Get collaboration without leaving your Salesforce environment!

Salesforce Insights

Deep integration with Salesforce leverages your project data in Salesforce Dashboards and reporting tools. Create and update projects, add Salesforce contacts, and view your Viewpath task data all from within Salesforce.

Free for a limited time - included in your Viewpath license purchase!

Pricing Questions and Answers

How long can I use the Free Starter Edition?

There is no expiration to your Free Starter edition account. You can also change edition levels between free and paid to adjust to your needs.

How do I upgrade to the Team or Pro Edition?

Simply start off with the free Starter Edition and once you’ve logged into your account click on the “Upgrade” link (or click on your email address in the upper right and choose “Account”). This will take you to a Billing Account Creation Wizard. This is also where you can go to manage your billing account to add or remove members at any time!

Can I change plans at any time?

Absolutely! Upgrade any time right from your Viewpath account. Visit our Feature Comparison for more information about specific plans.

Can I combine free and paid accounts?

Viewpath makes it easy for your whole team to be on the same page. You can assign an unlimited number of Guests to your project, whether they have a free or paid account. Team Edition users can add up to 2 Observers per project who are on the free Starter Edition. Professional Edition users can add up to 5 Observers per project who are on the free Starter Edition. Enterprise users can add an unlimited number of Observers, whether they are on a free or paid edition.

Who needs to have a paid account?

In general, anyone who is a fellow collaborator on your projects (Editor, Manager or Owner) need to have a paid account. Those users who are simply updating assigned tasks but who will not be adding/removing tasks or changing task dates can remain on the free Starter Edition. However, if a user needs Advanced or Premium features (e.g. Time Sheets), that user needs to have the appropriate paid account. See the Feature Comparison page for product details.

Is there a limit to the number of Teams on which a Member can participate?

There is no restriction on the number of collaborative Teams a Member can create or be invited to join. A Member may use a single login (email address and password) to securely access any number of projects with varying team Members.

How many projects can I create in Viewpath?

Even as a free Starter Edition user, you can create as many Projects as you want and invite as many free guests as you need on each Project!

How does the 30-day free trial work?

After you create a Starter account, we recommend you take some time to familiarize yourself with the features available to everyone. At any time, you can upgrade your account to a Team Edition trial for 30 days. We don’t require a credit card during the trial, so you can try the full features of Viewpath’s Team Edition obligation-free.

What happens at the trial end?

We automatically switch your account to the free Viewpath Starter Edition once your complimentary 30-day free evaluation period is over. You can continue to access your Viewpath account and manage your projects at no cost. There is no charge to add new projects and as many “Guest” level Resources as you like. At any time, you can choose to upgrade your edition level to access more features.

How will you bill me?

We offer monthly, semi-annual and annual billing via credit card online. Exceptions can be discussed in cases where a large number of licenses is being purchased. Contact for details.

Am I eligible for any discounts?

Viewpath offers discounts for multi-month and multi-user purchases. Perhaps not everyone on your team needs a paid account. Email us at with an overview of the types of projects you manage, how many people participate on each and what roles they play and we’ll let you know what your cost will be. Non-profit organizations that provide proof of non-profit status are eligible for an additional 10% discount over any multi-month and/or multi-user discounts. Contact customer support for enrollment details.