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Industry: Supply Chain Solutions
Location: Tulsa, Oklahoma
Customer Since: August 2014
Use Case: Deploying supply chain performance enhancing strategies with visibility internally, for the customer, and to provide certification documentation.
Why Viewpath?
  • No worries about version control.
  • Easy-to-use.
  • Quick rollout.
  • Ability to share projects with clients.
  • Synchronization with the entire team.


Just Right

The team at LynnCo was struggling with a horrible collection of Excel worksheets to run their projects. This resulted in a lack of synchronization, multiple versions of the truth, and insufficient collaboration, both within their team, and with their clients. They started looking for a solution, found Viewpath at the Dreamforce event, and everything clicked into place.

LynnCo has approximately 10-12 resources on each project, with about half of those are working remotely. Viewpath features, such as project sharing, the gantt chart, reporting, and the functionality of Today page, are critical to the success of the team. David Elish, Solutions Architect at LynnCo, says “when we do our standing meetings each week, it’s so cool to very quickly walk through the projects in Viewpath, and keeps you on task for those standing meetings.”

Favorite Feature

Snapshots quickly became one of the most-used features. LynnCo loves it because they can share the project plan with clients, and they are able to customize each Snapshot by adding their client’s branding to the project plan, adding another level of professionalism.

Leveraged Training Options

LynnCo opted to make use of both the how-to videos in the Viewpath Help Center, as well as on on-site training session, which made a big difference in their ability to leverage different aspects of functionality within Viewpath, making their daily interactions even easier. “When we needed help, Viewpath Support was there. The quality of the training, and the humans behind the tool, have been fantastic.” says Elish.


The ability to document the results of their projects also allowed LynnCo to get their SSID16 SOC certification, as well as at least a 30% improvement in rollout time, which is huge. Viewpath exceeded the ROI by a mile, and the cost to operate is so economical compared to the value it brings.


Industry: Aeronautical Research
Location: Portland, Oregon
Customer Since: June 2010
Use Case: Designing and building glider wing aircraft
Why Viewpath?
  • Remote collaboration was key.
  • Cloud-based allowed visibility for everyone.
  • No worries about version control.
  • Ability to handle complex dependencies.
  • Better planning with real-time visibility.


A Simple, Powerful Idea

With a goal to reach the edge of space and study how giant stratospheric mountain waves impact our planet’s weather, the Perlan team realized their work designing and building glider wing aircraft required a lot of tasks, multiple dependencies, and complex timelines. They chose Viewpath to provide their essential project management needs, because they wanted their team to be able to access and share their project details from anywhere.

Features enhance communication and increase efficiency

“ Before implementing Viewpath in June 2010, the Perlan team used the feature-packed, but cumbersome, MS Project. A lot of time was spent figuring out who had the latest version, and exactly what the most current version was. This was clearly problematic because companies like the Perlan Project need their tools to make it easier to understand the life cycle and status of their project so they can, in turn, provide appropriate updates and feedback. ”

To that end, Viewpath gave the Perlan Project team the ability to see and update their project across their dispersed team. “Viewpath has given a diverse international team the ability to see the critical project information required for success,” said Ed Warnock, CEO of The Perlan Project.

The Perlan team started with a single project, and they invited the team to participate. They began using Viewpath in their weekly meetings, and saw an immediate improvement and easy access to the project details, whether they were a 3rd party vendor, the project manager, or the chief pilot.


With a 100% remote team, the Perlan Project needed a tool anyone could access, and would give the entire team the current status of the project’s complex timeline. The increased visibility helps make project adjustments/entries easier, as well as identifying those areas of the project which are taking longer, and costing more. Providing increased visibility into the project has had a ripple effect. The Perlan Project team have a greater sense of control now that they can see the status of a particular task and no longer need to call for updates.

Viewpath lives up to its promise. It does what we need it to do today, and its vision ensures it’s a solid alternative in years ahead as we plan to fly a glider higher than any other manned aircraft has ever flown.


Industry: Government
Location: Chapel Hill, NC
Customer Since: Oct. 2011
Use Case: Internal and external project management
Why Viewpath?
  • Simplicity of the app
  • Web-based app offered more flexibility
  • Excellent value for the price
  • Extensive scalability for growth over time
  • Broad or narrow visibility depending on the resource’s needs


Deadline-driven projects require a take-charge attitude

Chapel Hill Parks and Recreation's goal is to provide every citizen the opportunity to enhance their quality of life. The staff work hard to handle requests and prepare for events.

Prior to implementing Viewpath, the department relied on Excel spreadsheets for their planning. With dozens of tabs and multiple locations for files, it was easy to miss things.

"We needed a way to get our employees more proactive on project tasks," says Wes Tilghman, Marketing & Sponsorship Manager, Chapel Hill Parks and Recreation, North Carolina. "We hoped with an online project management solution, it would make it simpler to delegate and collaborate."

Online project management solution dramatically enhances communication

Chapel Hill Parks and Recreation began their foray into online project management with Viewpath by selecting two users for a pilot program. "With Viewpath's simple-to-use interface, it's easy for staff to update their tasks, comment on status, and have visibility on the projects they need to see" Tilghman reports.

"With Viewpath, they don't necessarily wait to be assigned to a task, but take the initiative to get it done," Tilghman explains. "I can see exactly how much progress my staff has made just as Town staff and managers can see their requests and how we're prioritizing them. Viewpath helps us stay in the loop."


Industry: Mentoring/Team Building/Career Development
Location: Prince William, VA
Customer Since: July 2007
Use Case: Internal project management
Why Viewpath?
  • Balance of simplicity and robust features.
  • Ability to log on via browser, regardless of operating system.
  • Flexible, web-based software makes it easy to add new employees.
  • Project visibility at all levels.
  • Central portal for all project information.


Viewpath as a Solution

In 2007, the team at The Training Connection, Inc. decided they needed a better method of organizing their projects. With 60+ year-long mentoring programs and hundreds of one-day training sessions, they needed a simple project management solution everyone would use. One call to Viewpath, and they were off and running.

Online Project Management

With about 1/2 of the staff working remotely at any given time, the cloud-based solution means it is accessible anytime and anywhere. "Without Viewpath," Jennifer Sellers, Vice President of The Training Connection, says "we wouldn't have the success rate we do. There are too many details, and we would drop the ball somewhere. Viewpath helps make sure that doesn't happen."

Long-Term Use

TTC’s teams are coordinated, with communication all in one place. So, as they began adding additional staff, extending their use of Viewpath just made sense. Every member of the company has a Viewpath account, and new employees are able to quickly learn the system.


Jennifer Sellers says "Every staff member has a role in making those projects happen. Everyone goes into Viewpath every day, and sees what tasks they have on their list." From the get go, Viewpath has offered The Training Connection the functionality its team of support professionals needs to successfully manage their mentoring programs and training sessions.


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Viewpath, LLC is one of the leading providers of enterprise-grade project and portfolio management solutions (“PPM”) to Fortune 1000 companies across a number of vertical markets. Viewpath's cloud-based project management suite is a proven, robust and scalable technology platform which is integrated with leading CRM and field service platforms including and ServiceMax.

Organizations globally are under intense pressure to improve the speed, accuracy, and agility of their project management process, while also balancing related risks and costs. Viewpath has designed a cloud-based platform which is simple to deploy, instantly scalable, and has "anytime-anywhere" access, taking the place of what has historically been dominated by complex and expensive on-premise software installations.

Viewpath is a well-designed online project management tool, making it easy for people to work together and providing layered functionality for users at all levels – whether it’s basic features for an individual contributor, or advanced capabilities for a seasoned team leader who need quick “what-if” schedule planning across a portfolio of projects. Organizations see even greater productivity gains when cloud-native project and program management solutions are integrated with ancillary services (e.g. CRM). This ensures interoperability with mission critical applications, while decreasing process cycle time, and increasing quality of service delivery.