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Salesforce Customer Quotes

5  star(s)

Simplicity with Integration by White Tiger Team

After evaluating several online project management services, I found a range of them to be too complex and not user friendly with a steep learning curve. Criterias I needed for my company was responsive and quick customer service and response, integration with Salesforce (yet it can be a stand alone product), usability with team mates that are on different platforms and technology level and communication systems. Along with reasonable custom pricing and scalability, simplicity and easy tracking. After much evaluation, I found the response time with both email and phone with Viewpath (John Shores) and professionalism is very good. I am a very particular type of person that likes consistent and solid performance both in product and service. I found so far that Viewpath will fit my company and teams needs. As long as their product and service remains consistent, I will continue to use Viewpath -- Jennifer Sha Chan, President and Founder, White Tiger Real Estate Development Team.

by Jennifer Sha Chan
May 02, 2013

4  star(s)

Very happy to have Viewpath

My company purchased Viewpath to use as an internal time management tool. I am finding it very helpful and easy to use. I have struggled with time management in the past and Viewpath takes all of the guesswork out of it for me. Just enter in how much time you will spend on what and you get a simple view of what needs to be done today. It's really great. Viewpath also has excellent customer service and support. They are very responsive and have tons of help tools on their support site. Answers to questions are always just a click or e-mail away. I give it a rating of 4 stars only because there's a few little quirks in the program, things like columns don't always insert in the same place, etc., nothing that really matters or effects functionality. For all I know this could be operator error too.

by Sarah Kutzke
May 08, 2013

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Great Product

Viewpath is a great product. We are successfully using it straight out of salesforce. Viewpath combines the best of a stand alone project management application with the need for salesforce connectivity. The staff is top notch and always available for support. They are quick to get back with you and open to new ideas and developments. I highly recommend Viewpath for your project management needs.

by Bryan Kontra
Apr 24, 2013

5  star(s)

Perfect Project Management for Start-Ups and Seasoned Businesses

I am a huge fan of Viewpath! As a start up in the tech industry we bootstrapped as much as possible, the cost per user is very affordable. We started growing quickly and did a ton of research looking for a tool just like Viewpath. It has a lot of great functionality and does way more than we need it for but it's good to know those options are available if we ever need them.

by Nathan OLeary
Mar 26, 2013

5  star(s)

What? No sharepoint services and MS Project and tons of propriatary API's? Thank you Viewpath!

Finally a multi-user implementation of a simple, yet effective, project planning tool, without a lot of heavy weight software installations and complexities. Salesforce tasks alone could not address it. The Salesforce User Interface is, well, let's say, a bit verbose. The Viewpath user interface is quick and to the point. Fast fast data entry and updating and "what if" planning. It does what alone can't do.

The support from the company has always been right on track. It's nice working with a small company that actually responds to your requests, vs. telling you to go read the FAQ's. It's very refreshing. All software companies should work this way.

by Stephen King
Oct 31, 2012